April 26, 2016 (Week 98)


Got to Cataldo once more (the guy who does the suits). He said that I have gotten fatter. Drat. Too many meals late at night, I think.

I have a ghost story to tell.  We were eating at the house of some members late one night, and when we finished, they asked us to do them the favour of blessing the house.  I don’t know if the husband did not feel worthy, but they asked me to do it.  As I was saying the prayer, I felt prompted to pray specifically that the house would be protected from any source of evil, seen or un-seen.  I also felt prompted to specifically mention that the blessing was being done under the authority of the Melchizedek priesthood, which I hold.  After making this proclamation, all 4 of us felt something change in the atmosphere of the room.  We stood up and left the house to leave, and suddenly the alarm that the family has outside of their house started making a squelching groan that lasted a few minutes and then went off like normal.  As we got in the members car to go home, I jokingly mentioned that I had either done the blessing too well or not well enough.  My companion asked the man why he had asked for the blessing, and he told us that recently, they have been hearing footsteps and voices in their house, which had been making their wife very nervous.  I noticed as we drove away that they live within 200 meters of one of the two prominent cemeteries that are in our ward.

Other than that, nothing too memorable has happened.  We found a less active family that has a son that is the age of baptism through some members.  The mother and her two oldest children should be going to mutual this Thursday, and the son expressed a great deal of enthusiasm to be baptized.  We also did some splits with members, also in great part planned by the members.  We are very happy that this aspect of the missionary work here in this ward is improving.  It makes everything so much more possible.

Love you all.  I hope that you have a good week.

Elder Mathewson


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