April 12, 2016 (Week 96)


I drew this for the missionaries from my group in the MTC. The idea originally was to do a shirt together before going home, but we decided to take the image and do our own when we get home. I’ll probably put it on a hoodie or something.

Nothing happened this week.  We walked a ton, but there wasn’t anybody that received us.  This might have been due, in part, to the change of weather, as we are starting into fall.  The days are starting to get colder, and the people, grumpier.  Also, I think that we could have worked harder.  We noticed at the end of the week that we hadn’t done any lessons in the street, which is something that is normally done to be able to do something.

The focus this transfer cycle is simplifying, in every sense of the word.  We missionaries complicate things.  We say strange words that nobody, not even we, know the meaning of; we add expectations onto our already long to-do list; we try to teach something more than what is in PmG, thinking that it is to the person’s “need”.  So, we are going to work on cutting all of that out are focus on the basics, just as the master did.  We did our planning for the district, as I like to do, and then we worked on thinking of simpler ways of saying words like “Gospel”, “Sin” and “Apostasy”, with practices where we focussed on not saying the normal word.

We had stake conference last Sunday, and we were visited by a seventy from Argentina.  I do not know his name, because he was of Italian descent and I didn’t know how to spell it, but I thoroughly enjoyed what he taught.  The adult session was almost entirely aimed at self-sufficiency, which left me with the question, “Why do they keep saying that going to church and the temple is necessary to be temporally self-sufficient?” and almost immediately, the seventy stood up and satisfied my doubt.  He explained that one can not be temporally self-sufficient without being first spiritually self-sufficient because one can not take good economic decisions without being guided by the spirit.  How can we know when to buy, when to sell, and when to save?  When God tells us to, obviously.  The general session was about preparedness, and I learned about the parable of the 10 virgins.  I do not know if my interpretation is correct, but what I felt that I learned taught an interesting lesson.  In the parable, the seventy said the the 10 virgins are members.  All of them have lamps, which are testimonies, but only 5 of them have been putting in, drop by drop, converting oil by keeping the covenants that they have made and diligently living the gospel.  Comes the night, and the “virgins” die, until they are “awakened” in the resurrection and the coming of the “groom”.  The 5 that are converted have what is required to walk through the doors, but the other 5 have not kept their covenants and can not participate.  What would the doors be, then?  The doors of the temple.  Interesting, how the virgins were awakened for the wedding of the groom.  Like, I said, I may or may not be teaching true doctrine, but I was taught why it is important to not procrastinate in making and keeping covenants, especially those that are done in the temple.

Love you all.

Elder Mathewson


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