March 29, 2016 (Week 94)


Elder Call and I on our last night together, eating s’mores over a roaring stove-top. We made promises to hang out together after our missions, which is the only person with whom I have done that. I have found a ski buddy!


Our pension. In the Selfie, Elder Alcantara, my new companion, is taking the photo.


A picture of the Zone

I am writing so early today because today is called “Youth Combatants Day”, which is a day of rioting here in Chile, similar to the 11th of September.  We have to be back in the house at 6:00 for our own safety.  Where I am is in no way dangerous, but even in supposedly safe places here in Santiago, crazy things happen.  And I don’t particularly want to die on my mission.

Changes came.  I am on my last one.  Elder Tintaya left (Tinter, as we called him), as well as Elder Call.  Elder Tintaya is in the Cordillera stake, which is in the very farthest south end of the mission, with Elder Henriquez, my old companion.  Elder Call is in Gabriela stake in El Molino ward, which is right next to El Castillo, my old ward, and about as dangerous.  He had told me the other day that he wanted to go to a dangerous area, so when I told him that he had wished a little too hard, he got really happy.  I am going to miss both of them.

My new companion is Elder Alcantara.  My 7th companion.  He was Elder Call’s companion, and worked in the other area.  Also Peruvian, but unfortunately he does not know how to cook 😥.  The ward now only has 2 missionaries to cover it, which I really like.  The idea from the beginning was to have only 1 companionship here in this ward, which is why at the beginning of last change I was almost in a threesome.  I personally think that the ward is too small for 2 companionships.  Besides, the ward wasn’t working, and President already said that he is going to send missionaries where they are needed.  Now they need to work.  If they want to have success, they are going to have to start doing splits with us so that we can get more done and contact more people and do more finding.

I am still District Leader.  It has to be some kind of record.  I am on my 7th transfer as a DL!  That is, like, 9 months!

Also, for the first time in my mission, I am living in our housing with just my companion.  This should be interesting.  Generally, missionary housing in this mission has 2 companionships.  That allows for a little bit of liberty in who you hang out with, as when you get sick of one missionary, you can go to another.  That shall no be anymore!  President’s idea is to have one companionship per housing.  Perhaps he wants to better prepare us for after our missions (a.k.a. living alone as a young married couple).  As of today, I have really liked it.  I am a reserved, introverted person, so I liked that is was quiet.  Also, it should be easier to keep the house clean.

I am finally done being sick, but I was still suffering this last week.  We got very little work done.  Not too much more to say, except that I love you all.  Let’s start thinking about how we are going to do the phone call.

Elder Mathewson


One thought on “March 29, 2016 (Week 94)

  1. We just read your last two letters. Grandma thinks it would be easier with just one companion but maybe not as fun. It sounds like you are trying to contact a lot. Even as friendly as I am it is hard to do. It will prepare you for the future. I love people and love to talk to them. Our prayers are always with you. Work hard right up to the end.

    Love Grandma

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