February 23, 2016 (Week 89)


One last group picture.


Fotos de despedida del barrio jc Here are a few photos. These are from Brother Riffo, our ward mission leader.



This was basically the same district as last change, but here is a photo anyways.


The leadership of Javiera Carrera. You can also see how burnt I am getting. The sun in this city is STRONG


Elder Tintaya. We seem to get along well. I am grateful for a Peruvian companion, because Peruvians generally speak well. I am not clear on how much time he has as a missionary, but I do know that he is 21, so I have yet another companion that is older than me. In fact, now that I am thinking about it, I don’t think that I have been the older companion once in my whole mission. Maybe the Lord wants me to grow up a little.

I got changes!  I am in the ward El Labrador B, Vicuña Mackenna (where we had the fireside last week).  The area is a little closer to the mountains, which means that I will be walking hills all day, and that the area is a little bigger.  Speaking frankly and slightly vulgarly, my buns are going to get HUGE!!  I actually have kind of a funny story with changes.  I was originally going to be in a threesome with Elder Tintaya, from Peru, and… Elder Call!  We got to my new housing and went to buy groceries, but when we got back, President called us and told us that we were going to have an emergency change due to an extra mini-missionary that was coming to serve unexpectedly.  So I am now only with Elder Tintaya, and Elder Call is with another Peruvian called Elder Alcantara.  I was his companion for 3 hours.  At least he will still be living in the same house, and he is down to run with me, which is rockin’.

Not that surprisingly, I was not that sorry to see Elder Velázquez go, but I was a little shocked that there was a mixture of feelings at all.  I had it really set in my head that we were going to stay as companions until he finished his mission in 5 weeks, but looks like it was not to be.  He is now in El Castillo B.

Turns out that he was pretty effected by the district class that I taught last week.  He accused me of “taking all of someone’s faults and teaching them to others” and asked me to worry about myself.  It also had a big effect on the other’s in the district, but one sister said that it was an answer to her prayers, and another mentioned that she struggles with many of the things that I taught in the class, and expressed her desire to overcome them.  It all depends on attitude, I guess.  I spoke with President about it afterward, and he told me that what I was doing was not about chewing out my companion, but saving a life.  To put it simply, if he can not change, and if he does not start doing what President asks him to do, President has no need for him here and will send him home.  Pray for him, please.

My new contacting record is 13 in one day.  I have stuck with the goal of 15 contacts a day for now, and hopefully next week I can get to 20, which is about at my cap, not wanting to sacrifice teaching lessons to contacting.

Looks like I will keep going as District Leader.  This will be my 6th change.  I am not complaining.  I like being district leader, and all of the pressure that I originally felt is almost gone, because I have gotten used to it and almost don’t feel it.

I love you all.  Can’t wait to see you again.

Elder Mathewson


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