October 27, 2015 (Week 73)


Spiritual thought of the week.  I have been studying about worthiness recently.  It is a little complicated how I got there, but what I found is that being worthy is actually being equal to something.  If we are worthy to enter the temple, it is because we are equal to entering the temple.  If we are worthy to being baptized, it is because we are equal to being baptized.  It has a lot to do with what Elder Hales said in his talk, “If you want to be worthy of a choice spouse, than be that spouse.”  I have been learning a lot of the nature of God recently, and I have noticed that he always gives us what we are worthy of and what we ask for.  Or, in other words, be careful what you ask for.

New sector!  I am with a Chilean again!  His name is Elder Enriquez.  He is from Concepcion, which is on the opposite side of Santiago.  I am his second companion.  He has been out about 3 months.  He is a convert from 4 years ago, and is 26.  Other than being an older missionary, he couldn’t have been more different from Elder Young.  He is forgetful and a little airy-headed like me, as shown by the fact that he still doesn’t know his sector.  He isn’t so much of a deep thinker like Elder Young.  I feel a little more like I am senior comp here.  Despite that, he is a good guy: very humble, and I love that he has a very simple way of going about missionary work.  I feel like I have a lot to learn from him.

I am District Leader again.  I have in my district nine missionaries, including the Zone leaders, and Sister Capacitaters, and another companionship of sisters who is a trio.  It’s one big district.  I am the oldest missionary in the district just barely.  My Zone leaders are Elder Turner, who came to the CCM 4 weeks after me and was with me there, and Elder Spencer, who was in La Reina with me.  I am excited to be working with them.  They are a good pair of missionaries.  I am also a little intimidated by the size of the district.  I am sure that I will be fine, especially since I am living with 3 of them and I only need to de exchanges with 2, but it is still a little intimidating.

We are in sector B of the Ward Javiera Carrera, in the Stake Javiera Carrera.

Elder Young is training a Columbian.  He wanted to be with a Gringo again, but there wasn’t a single new gringo missionary who came.  He is also District Leader and in a huge sector in Las Condes (where the rich people are) with a district of only sister missionaries.

One interesting story.  We were finishing up the day some time last week in a story buying things for the next day, when we received a reference from the sister missionaries for a man that they had contacted.  They told us that he had a Book of Mormon, he wanted to know why Mormons were so happy and… he had served 47 years in prison.  Apparently, he had performed a human sacrifice.  The sisters had assigned him to read Alma 36.  Elder Enriquez wanted to go right away, but I was a little iffy, because it was late, and I preferred going a little more prepared.  We contacted the house anyways, where was a little shack sitting by itself (which is strange to see, as almost all houses in Santiago touch).  We yelled, and out came a skinny old man with a neck beard.  We set an appointment for Sunday.

Sunday, we went by with a member who had also gone through prison and had had problems with drugs.  We went to his house, and shared with the man.  He had a hard life.  He had started going to juvenile prison when he was about 14, which is the minimum age here in Chile, and had been involved in alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroine, and pasta basta, which is a byproduct of cocaine and is much more addictive and dangerous.  It is smoked.  I won’t tell you all that was shared, but when we invited him to be baptized, he said yes.  The brother that we brought offered to give him a suit he had in his house and give him a ride to church.  You could see the joy in the eyes of the man.  I am only a little worried about putting a baptismal date right now, because he has only been out of prison for a year.  A question to bring to President Morgan, I guess.

Love you all.

Elder Mathewson

Response on buying a few souvenirs in lieu of family mailing gifts for Christmas:

Not too bad of an idea.  I will start figuring out what to do about buying.  The only problem that I might have is that I can’t bring more than 2 suitcases and a backpack, and I already have a lot of stuff.  The good news is that I will leave a lot of stuff behind, because a lot of it is old.  The bad news is that if I change sectors ago before the end of my mission, which is likely, it will be hard to haul all of my stuff.  One important thing about that as well, is that in my trip, my big suitcase broke.  Too many stairs, it looks like.  The wheel on one side collapsed, and I had to do a lot of dragging.


One thought on “October 27, 2015 (Week 73)

  1. Once again we found your email interesting to read. We’re in Panama, hot and humid but we are enjoying it. Somewhat like Belize but not some much poverty. The roads, at least the main highway is way better, no potholes and 4 lane.

    Keep being obedient and you will continue to receive the blessing. The Lord is aware of you and wants you to succeed.

    Love, Grandma & Grandma

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