October 20, 2015 (Week 72)

Elder Young and I crushed Braudi.  We horse around with him some times.

Elder Young and I crushed Braudi. We horse around with him some times.

Our temple trip.

Our temple trip.

Before telling you anything else:  I am getting changed!  And Elder Young!  We got the call this morning.  Another white-wash.  I have no idea if I will go to a ward that will already be established or a cleaned sector, but I do know about Elder Young: he will be training in a new sector, which means that he is going into a white-wash (sorry for so much mission jargon.  I don’t know what else to call it.  I hope that it is understood.)  I do know that I will keep being DL.  President called us to tell us about Elder Young, and he told me.  I think that he was worried about us, that we would think that we were being punished, and he wanted us to make sure that we knew that the intention of the double change was to close Chayavientos B and have only 1 sector for the whole ward.  I am not too worried about it.  While I am sad to leave, this will be my 4th sector, and I have a little bit of the mind-set that things are temporal and I am pretty settled.  Elder Young is fine, but nervous.  The other two elders, Elder Hulet and Elder Arrua, are out of their minds, because their sector just doubled in size.  They have their work cut out for them.

The best part of the week was when we went to the temple for a tour with Perla and her daughter Kathy, with her son, William’s (that is his name, I kid you not.  The apostrophe is supposed to be there), who are investigators that we have, and Braudi, grandson of Perla, nephew of Kathy, who is the recent convert that Elder Young saw baptized.  The family situation in that house is more than a little complicated.  Not a single wedding ring in the place.  Perla wants to get baptized, but is living with a man named Manuel, and is waiting for divorce papers from both previous marriages to get married; Kathy, who is living with a guy named Rodrigo, who is kind of a loser, but is the father of Willi, making it difficult for Kathy to want to separate with him, even it is improbable that they will ever be able to get to the point to marriage; and Braudi, who’s dad, a less-active, and his mom, a non-member, don’t want to and can’t take care of him, forcing him to live in the house of his grandmother, Perla, who is trying to take custody of him, but the mother of Braudi is opposing it.

They loved the temple.  We got to stay 5 minutes by the reception desk, and they said it was the same feeling as in the church, but 100x stronger.  Supposedly, Kathy was balling in the bathroom when they got home, which, even though it doesn’t sound like it, is a good thing.  We had a miracle happen as well.  Willi is one of the most… energetic kids of 2 1/2 I have ever met, and while we were waiting for the tour to start, he was even crazier than usual.  He was running, screaming, bouncing… it was unbelievable.  But then we went into the chapel to start the tour, he got hungry and went to his mom, who proceeded to breast-feed him… and he fell asleep and didn’t wake up until we were done the tour at the end.  It was incredible.  They would not have felt the spirit nor gained anything from the tour if it weren’t for that.

I love you all.  Tomorrow, I’ll know where I am, so next week I’ll update you!

Elder Mathewson


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