July 6, 2015 (Week 57)


I was a little mistaken on the spelling of the “Baja´i” that I mentioned last week.  It is actually spelled “Baha´i”.  It is pronounced “bah-high”, but I learned the actual spelling from a pamphlet that I was given.  We had another lesson with María, and after sharing with her for a bit, a young adult baha´i came in and explained to us what it is that they believe.  The Baha´i is a religion based on all religions, from what I gathered.  They believe that all the great spiritual leaders of every religion is a prophet, one not being greater than the other.  Each prophet had his dispensation, and was sent from God to guide the world as he would have it guided at that time.  Every prophet to them is a little more than human, and each is the “saviour” of the world during their dispensation, including Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Moses, etc.  The most recent was a man named Baja u´ala, who lived in the middle east during the late 1800s.  He wrote many things, teaching about the importance of service and unity.  They also have a temple (one of which is being built not too far from my proselyting Zone on the side of the mountain, which is why it calls my attention), which has 9 door, corresponding to their 9 leaders who guide the religion on Earth.  Any religion can go into the temple, as it is really more of a house of prayer, and, from what I am told by other elders who did a temple tour, they are not 100% sure what the temple is going to be used for.

I do not see much progress in the investigator, but I think that it was good that we listened to her and her friend and their beliefs, and didn’t just talk about ours.

The Copa America finally ended.  Thank heavens.  My comp said that Fútbol is a vice one time, and I am totally in agreement with him.  President sent us home at 5 on Saturday during the last game of the series, because of his experience in Argentina during his mission and the dangers a Fútbol game can bring.  Chile won, which gives me a little bit of nation pride (Sorry Cameryn and Uncle Brian, and Benson), but I’m mostly just glad that it is over.

We had a conference with President on Thursday.  Pretty interesting guy.  I mean in character.  We are under the guidance of a man who is very temperally different than President Wright.  President Wright was the owner of a very successful trucking company, while President Morgan studied Acting and Performance arts during college, and is an institute teacher.  During the conference, he and his 15 year old daughter sang a duet.  I think that President Wright loved music, but I can’t even imagine him singing for us.  But, like President Wright, I am sure he will guide us by the spirit.  Upon being asked since he got here if he was going to change any rules in the mission, he said that this mission was not the mission of President Wright, and it is not the mission of President Morgan; but it is the mission of the Lord.  So, whether or not he was going to change anything, he simply said “I don’t know” and left it at that.  I thought that it was a good answer.

Love you all.  I’m fine.  If I sound a little tired, it’s because I am.


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