May 25, 2015 (Week 51)

Here are some photos from the baptism.  "Eh, Pancha?"- Koozko, The Emporer´s New Groove

Here are some photos from the baptism. “Eh, Pancha?”- Koozko, The Emporer´s New Groove



Javier got baptized, and tuh-duh, we still didn’t have hot water!  This time, there was gas, but the heater was broken, and there wasn’t enough hot water pressure to fill the font in time to do the baptism.  Kind of upsetting that this problem is still a problem, because it is the second baptism in a row that this has happened, and the gas problems have been happening for a year from now.  My comp was pretty anxious about getting into the water as he was going to do the baptism, and since it was an even colder day than when Ignacio got baptized, we spent the three hours we had filling the font with cold water and boiling pots of hot water, trying to raise the temperature.  It was pretty funny, actually, because he had a giant cauldron style pot big enough to sit in on the stove with all 4 burners heating it, and one by one the ward members passed by the kitchen to ask us what was going on and throw in their two cents about how to get the water hotter faster.

The good news is that the service was really good.  Javier, his wife, Marisol, and Javier’s daughter from the first marriage, Javiera, all came to church, and Javiera got to bare her testimony to her dad about the importance of baptism.  He was crying a few times, actually, he was so happy.  When the service ended, he hugged my comp and said “thank you” over and over, and then me.  I really didn’t know that a baptism could mean so much to someone.  Actually, it has kind of made me think, am I taking my own baptism as seriously as I should?  I have no doubt that Javier’s baptism has changed his life.  Has my baptism changed mine?

A few other cool things that happened.  On Saturday, we met with a new investigator who came to church last week named Judith.  I may have mentioned her last week.  She is the sister of a less active woman in the chapel.  We found out a little more about her this week.  She actually has had a rough life.  She had always believed in God, but her faith was shaken when her husband died.  She said that she felt a hole, like she was missing something.  She has searched a lot of different religions and in the bible to find a church where she feels that that hole is being filled, and hadn’t found it until she got to our church, which is why she loved it so much.  It was awesome teaching her lesson 1.  She listened very closely, and by the time we got to the part about the apostasy, she had already identified the feelings of the spirit.  We invited her to be baptized, but she didn’t want to just yet.  She wants the “hole to be filled” before, which is totally fine, especially since she really wants to learn.  Unfortunately, she is going on vacation for a while, and we won’t be able to see her again until the 13 of June, which is the second last day of this change, and since it is so far away, we are a little worried about what will happen to this little fire of testimony that she has barely gotten.  But there is really nothing more we can do, except hope and pray.  It was still really fun to teach her.

Something unfortunate happened as well.  Antonia, Ignacio’s sister, said she doesn’t want to do any more lessons.  She says that she is happy with how she is, and that she doesn’t feel that she needs to change.  It was pretty disappointing to hear that.  We had a really good lesson with her where we put a baptismal date, she didn’t show up for a lesson, didn’t go to church, missed another lesson, and we called her mom, who gave us the bad news.  We took it kind of hard.  Admittedly, I may have been feeling a little bad for myself, thinking about all the lessons I was going to have and how awesome it is to teach an investigator to progress, but the nobler part of us was mostly just sad for her, for making a poor choice.

Love you all.

PS – Send congratulations to Benson from me, please.  The video didn’t work.  I didn’t get any audio.  But I got the idea.  That is super cool.  I’m excited to speak to him in Spanish when he gets back.  “Chee, vo estás un misionero retornado!”  If Zach and Ethan go to Chile, we will have an interesting Ehlert tradition going on here.

Also, Ethan’s grad.  I totally forgot.  I’ll congratulate him on that personally.  Super cool.  Now he is a big boy!  Did you guys get to go out for dinner after?  We never got to do that after my grad.  I also didn’t go to a dance.  I’m just not the social butterfly that my brother is.


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