May 18, 2015 (Week 50)

Micah 7:8 Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness , the Lord shall be a light unto me.

Micah 7:8 Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness , the Lord shall be a light unto me.

A drawing of Christ for Sister Wright.

A drawing of Christ for Sister Wright.

Wow, that is a lot of mission calls.  If it didn’t say it right in the missionary manual to not do it and it wasn’t so obviously such a bad idea, I would say go visit Noah when he goes.  I can’t believe how close he is going to be.  I hope Benson gets a fun call as well, but it’s kind of funny, because the way missions work, if he really wants to go foreign, he will probably end up really close to home.  In the end, though, it will not matter.  Being happy with your mission has more to do with your own attitude than if the mission fits with your personality.

Javier got married.  Of all of the expectations that I had for my mission, that may have been the least expected of them: that an investigator would get married to get baptized.  We don’t know how it went yet.  We didn’t get to go, because we weren’t invited.  I think that was because he didn’t want his wife to think that he was getting married just to get baptized (which he kind of was), so we think he didn’t invite us to protect her feelings.  If that was why not, then we are fine.  We have been keeping respectful silence with him for a bit, but I think we will call him tonight to see how he is.

We had another finding experience like Flor.  A less active came to church with her cousin, Judith.  Judith is not a member, like Flor, but was interested to see what the Mormons are all about.  She loved it.  Our rock-star teacher of Gospel Principles (Now serving a mission with his wife, he is an ex-bishop, -stake president, -temple president, and -mission president) teaches really good classes, and she said she felt amazing there.  She can’t receive us where she is living, also like Flor, but we will have a lesson with her this Saturday.

We also put a baptismal date with Antonia, the sister of Ignacio.  It was kind of a cool experience for me, actually.  When we started the lesson, we asked her if she had read.  She said no, and that she didn’t think that she could receive an answer either.  We told her that was fine, and that we would address that concern after the lesson.  While we taught L3, I was thinking of how I could answer her and thought that she would not receive any answers.  I knew she believed in God, and I also knew that she was interested in what we taught her, and seemed to believe it was true.  Right when we were finishing the lesson, my thoughts were turned to Alma 32, where Alma compares The Word to a seed.  I read with here verses 28-31, then told her that I received my answer as a seed growing: not all at once, but gradually.  I then told her that I thought that she had already received an answer, and that I thought that she already knew that what we were teacher her was true.  It was cool watching her face change.  She said that she hadn’t thought of it like that before, and said that she did believe it was true.  Elder Granda put a date for the 14 of June.  After, he told me that the same scripture had come to his mind, but something had told him to leave me to share it.  She came to church yesterday, and we have another lesson tomorrow with her.  I am really excited for that family.

I also finished my drawing for Sister Wright.  The scripture is Micah 7:8.  I am going to send it to her tomorrow.  Hopefully she will be satisfied.

I went a bought my suit, by the way.  It will take a while to get done.  Speaking of some more technical stuff, it occured to me that you could send me some music with the videos in the USB you were going to send me, and I was wondering if I could give you a suggestion?  Hawaiian slack key.  I’ve been craving it all of the sudden, and I think that not only would it fit in our restrictions of music we can listen to, but it would also be an awesome change to EFY music.  And baptist/evangelist church music, because it is cool.

Elder Mathewson


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