May 11, 2015 (Week 49)

Skyping home on Mother's Day

Skyping home on Mother’s Day

I don’t have too much to share with you either, because I kind of said most of it over skype.  It was really good to see you as well.  I kind of forgot how much I love you guys.  It was actually harder this time to say good-bye for me than during Christmas.  And, I feel bad, because I never wished you a happy Mother’s Day.  I hope one day late still counts.

We taught a guy today who is the uncle in law of Javier.  I know that I said before that he is from the old marriage, but I am not 100% sure of that, so I’ll just leave it at uncle in law.  His name is Carlos.  He has the COOLEST house ever.  He welds, and has a lot of time on his hands, so he make s a lot of art.  It’

s not excellent, but it is still pretty cool.  His house is on stilts, and everything down below is his shop, where he has it taken up by old art projects, old style weapons, antiques, cool junk like skulls of animals, and a little bit of actual work shoved unceremoniously off to the side.  I could spend a while with that man.  We shared with him about the Book of Mormon, and he seemed interested.  It was kind of fun explaining to a guy who really likes history about something like an ancient record that contains the story of the original habitants of the Americas.

Nothing too interesting other than that.  We walked a lot, and the week passed slow, probably in part because of the call yesterday and in part because everyone has disappeared from the streets and there was no one to contact.  It is going to be kind of hard, finding new people to teach as the weather gets cold.

Elder Mathewson


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