February 23, 2015 (Week 38)

We are finally seeing some success, but I don’t want to say anything for fear of jinxing it.  We had 4 investigators in church yesterday, which is 4 times more than I have ever had in my mission.  Three of them were a family that we found, who only stayed for Sacrament.  But one of them, named Javier, stayed for the whole time.  He loved it, actually, and the members did a great job welcoming him.  He is a big guy for a Chilean.  He actually looks and sounds and acts just exactly like Pancha from The Emperor´s New Groove, which I find hilarious.  He has a son out in the mission, in Colombia.  I actually don’t know the whole story behind that, because I am pretty sure that his son is the only member in their family, and in fact, his wife isn’t interested at all.  Just tolerant.  He’s not too new of an investigator: Elder Mora and Elder Granda were teaching him just before I got here.  We couldn’t find him for a long time because he and his family left for Southern Chile, along with almost everyone else, meaning we couldn’t find him for quite a while.  But we finally met up, and he is progressing super well.  The only problem is that my comp has a very strong impression that we shouldn’t put a fecha with him yet.  Elder Granda is a little more spiritually in tuned than I am, so we are going to take it to a lot of fast and prayer before trying.

We had another lesson with Veronica the Apostate.  This time, it didn’t feel like success like how it did the first time.  We did a service project at her house, where we took garbage from her yard to the curb on the street.  It was really long, and she had a lot of stuff.  We got told 3 times that we can’t leave the garbage where we were leaving it and had to move it, and the third time the guy threatened to call the cops.  We decided at that point to pull the plug, but she just kept us working in the house, putting stuff in the attic.  She then offered us lunch, and even though she said that she doesn’t want to have any more lessons, she attacked us with anti-church doctrine.  We were patient again, and taught her about prayer, and why she needs to start praying in the name of Christ, but she still didn’t understand, saying that she would start praying, but in the name of “I AM”.  Kind of weird.  I don’t know why she keeps inviting us back, honestly.  We basically just ask difficult questions and share scriptures that make it hard for her to answer.

Funny story.  We were having Once (like dinner but later and smaller) with a family in our ward, and they gave us a coffee replacement.  I did my usually 3 spoon-fulls of powder and 3 spoon-fulls of sugar, but when I actually drank it IT WAS SO SALTY.  It took me a second of swishing it around in my mouth to figure out what was wrong.  I guess I’ve found a replacement story for the time I got ground pepper in my eye while eating lunch with a family in my old ward.

I’m proud to say I am still very healthy.  I don’t know how.  I remember Elder See had a nasty rash on the back of his knee and Athlete’s foot for the little bit of summer we spent together, and every time he ate oatmeal or beans his digestive tract got a little loopy.  He claims he ate SUPER healthy in his house, which makes me grateful for mom and her diversity that she gave me.  Thanks mom.  You saved me.  I actually feel amazing.  We’ve been running a little more again because Elder Granda had a weight crisis, and I’m doing something for exercise everyday, except for Sundays and when I have to get up early.  And I’ve been eating well, with grapes and oatmeal and yogurt in the morning and a ton of water.  And I’ve been getting enough sleep.  And we’ve been fasting, which actually might be beneficial physically as well, although I’m not sure.  I just sort of feel good.

By the way, fun fact: I called president the other day to ask permission to do something, and when we were finishing up, he mentioned that during a leadership conference, he talked with our bishop and said that our Bishop said that we are 7s.  In Chile, the grades for school are measured out of 7, so he has basically calling us the best.  Made me feel good.

Elder Mathewson


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