January 26, 2015 (Week 34)

I haven´t run into any spiders, maybe because we live so high (but I doubt it), but we have the biggest ant problem in our house. It’s actually normal here for the pensions to have lots of ants, but it totally grosses me out. I had one morning that I made war with them. One of the Elders in the pension has artificial snow, and when they touch it they die instantly, so I would spray it on their line on the wall and then dab some on my finger and chase them with it until I would get them. It doesn’t even made a dent on the problem we have, but it makes me feel better after having ants in my hair, my clothes and my bed. At least they can’t bite.

I shouldn’t complain too hard because I have so many friends in way hotter missions, but it has been hot here this last week, hovering around 34-37 degrees C. You get home just drenched in sweat, and the first thing I do every time if strip down. The good news is that people are really good in Chile to give us juice at every visit, which helps to keep up from shrivelling up like raisins, but it’s brutal when we fast. We did a fast this last Saturday, and every single house we got into offered us juice, including one lady that actually blended peaches and ice to make a smoothy.

Our one fecha might fall. Her name is Ari, and we can’t get her motivated enough to attend church. The problem is actually her Grandma, who is the only one in the house who is an adult that isn’t an apostate member, and the only one that can help us get Ari to church. This week, we tried a family night with the bishop, who has a daughter about her age. They are actually already friends. It was awesome. We played games, we taught a lesson that involved everyone with Lehi’s dream, drawings, and the importance of church attendance, the bishop’s wife flew above our expectations by making a ton of food, impressing Ari’s grandma by the love they were showing, there was a ton of other members to support, AND at the end Ari was having a great time playing with her friend. We really thought they were going to attend church, but they didn’t. I don´t know why, and when we tried to call them, the grandma gave a lame excuse and later that day said she sent to on a camp, but that happened after church hours. It was kind of rough.

We do have some other investigators. There is one from Ecuador that we are doing service at her house every Saturday and is really receptive, and a marriage that are almost a guaranteed baptism, but we’ll see what happens. I don’t think that there is such a thing as guarantees on the mission.

I can’t send pictures because the usb port is broken on this computer.

Elder Mathewson

(With reference to Elder Mathewson’s friend thinking about going on a mission…)
I´d definitely tell him to do it, not because it’s super fun, which it is more often than not. Or super exciting, for the same reason. Or because it’s a big growing experience and it’s super spiritual, which are excellent reasons. But because of the law of sacrifice. Not understanding this principle might be what keeps a lot of missionaries from going out. Basically, the rule is that if one sacrifices a little for God, then God, through his Son, who sacrifices everything for all of us, is willing to sacrifice vicariously for us, and give us blessings that he was already prepared to give. A mission goes fast, which is a blessing because one can almost immediately start looking back and see how one has been blessed by his sacrifice of time, talents and passions, and I can tell you that I can see the blessings piling up.


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