January 12, 2015 (Week 32)


I have 7 blisters!  Or at least, I did yesterday, when I counted.  They started a while ago, and they are starting to turn into calluses, but they really hurt for a long time.  Mole Skin became my best friend for a few days.  You can imagine that walking in the sun without a breath of air movement going uphill without anything in one’s stomach with blisters on my heels and between my toes for about 45 minutes… it’s exhausting.  At least I wasn’t so tired this week I fell asleep in sacrament meeting.  That would have sucked.

This sector is big, but they give us a little bit of extra money every month for our BIP cards so we can take Micro up and down the hill.  We don’t do it every time, but sometimes we are pretty late, and it has saved us a few times from walking into the pension at 11.  That and the ward members.  Turns out having a rich ward is a huge blessing.  It hasn’t been super uncommon for a car to come by and some member’s head sticks out and he yells at us to hop in and takes us where we need to go.  In fact, that has happened a few times with total strangers too.  Random acts of charity is definitely a thing here, which NEVER would have happened in El Castillo, nor would we have accepted it, unless they were a member.  One time, in fact, a random lady bought us Chinese food, and we were so surprised we forgot to contact her.

It’s also cool that in this sector we have everything that we could want right inside 10 minutes walk of the pension.  From the chapel to the supermarket to McDonalds, pizza, the bank and mail, it’s all right there.  It does mean that we have been eating a little less healthy, but we get lunch almost every day of the week, and Elder Granda and I are running still.  About 10 ks, believe it or not.  Granted, E´ Granda has foot problems, so we can’t run it straight, but still.

Elder Granda is a good elder.  He just wants to be good.  He prays a lot, and he loves to fast.  I’ll probably send you the email I sent you last week again if you didn’t get it so you can hear my description of him there, because it still applies.

The best spiritual story I’ve got is about or only fecha we have.  It was on Monday after writing you guys that we had a lesson with a family about the Plan of Salvation.  That was with a part member family, and the investigater was a 9 year old girl.  She had had a date before, but she was slowly losing interest and the date fell through.  So, the night before, we brainstormed a little as a companionship as to what we could do, and we decided to bring a sketchbook and sharper and teach it with drawings.  It was awesome.  I got to draw, we taught the Hermana something new for her about repentence and the atonement of Jesus Christ, and when the little girl got bored, we just said “Ari, come and draw your house in the celestial kingdom” or whatever and get her focused on us again.  And now we have a fecha because of it.

Elder Mathewson


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