December 29, 2014 (Week 30)


Saying goodbye to Elder Mathewson's first companion.

Saying goodbye to Elder Mathewson’s first companion.


New companion - Elder Granda from Ecuador

New companion – Elder Granda from Ecuador

I got changed! Elder See and I had been sure at change that he would go and I would stay and maybe train, but I left, and he got a Honduran named Elder Reyes. I was a little sad to go. I know that El Castillo was super dangerous, but it’s hard to leave people that I know I’ll probably never see again. I started to love them, despite my best efforts. The new sector I’m in is way up north in our mission. It’s called Tobalaba 1 A, in the Tobalaba 1 ward, in La Reina stake. It is a huge change. I went from the poorest, most dangerous sector in the whole mission one of the richest. The rich people live in the mountains. I am literally right under the mountains, which is exciting. It’s amazing here how much they look like Utah, just twice as big.

My new comp is named Elder Granda. He has been in this sector for 6 months and his mission for 14. He seems pretty low key and quiet, which is good, because so am I. Your mom wish that I would get a Latino comp finally came true. He is from Ecuador. My Spanish will probably improve in leaps and bounds now.

We live in apartments now too. In fact, we live on the 4th floor, which is pretty cool. I can see the mountains from my room. By the time it gets to winter, which I assume I’ll still be here by then, they will be pretty covered in snow and look awesome.

Our sector is huge. You can look it up on in maps. It takes about an hour and 15 minutes to walk across the whole thing. It should be an interesting experience to work here. Big change.

I will submit that being perfectly obedient is one of the most difficult things to do as a missionary, and I can not claim to do it.  I really try, and every time I do something “Chueco” (that means Bent in Spanish; it’s missionary slang for disobedient) I get chewed apart by my conscience.  I hate it, but I know that it’s the best way for me to be happy as a missionary, so I continue trying to be more and more obedient.  It’s hard to describe to someone who isn’t a missionary, but as a returned missionary I think you would get it.

I forgot my notebook with what I learned from my study of Christ last month.  Sorry.  I’ll be sure to bring it next time so I can share.  I really have had a good study.

Elder Mathewson


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