December 22, 2014 (Week 29)

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I need to organize for you what I’ve been learning in my Jesus Christ study, but I will tell you that it has been one of the most fulfilling studies I’ve ever done. I’ve just basically been following along in Jesus the Christ by Talmage, which is my second run through of the book, focussing on the parts that I feel matter more and searching every scripture. I’ve studies the chapter about Christ’s birth, and I’ve been doing the one about the last supper. My personal favourite part was studying the 14th, 15th and 16th chapters of John, where Jesus gives his final talk to his disciples. There, I found a few scriptures that actually made me feel for the first time Christ’s love for me, especially since they have so much to do with missionary work. I’ll get my thoughts organized here soon so I can send to it over an email, probably by next week. President also helped us today in our Christmas Devotional understand the Condescension of Christ as said in 1 Nephi 11, which turned into an awesome deep doctrine talk. I´ll let you know it all soon.

I don’t have too much, except for a sad story. There is a guy we visit names Jose. Jose is a less active who started going to church. As a kid, he was really sick (He spent the first 7 years of his life in the hospital), he’s missing the tendons in one hand, he has an open sore that makes it hard to walk on one leg, and he’s an alcoholic. I’ve written about him before. We really liked him, though. He was super humble, and a great guy. He fed us lunch on Tuesdays in his mom’s house where he lived for a couple of months, and and he was making big steps to repentance.

Was. Not anymore. He got his feet back on the ground from going to church and he found work again. Then a couple things happened at once. Firstly, he stopped going to church, for his job. And second, he let a MARRIED woman move in with him and started sleeping with her. He just kind of dropped off the map for about a month, and when we finally found him, it was terrifying. I’ve never been around someone that felt so evil in my entire life. Like, I was shocked. I could feel it off of him, like an aura. His mom literally begged us to never stop passing by and praying for him. We won’t.

Sad story, but that was kind of what happened this week. A lot of rejection. It happens. We´re doing the best we can.

Elder Mathewson


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