December 15, 2014 (Week 28)

We played Futbol today.

We played Futbol today.

Musical thing at the temple with some special guest from the states.

Musical thing at the temple with some special guest from the states.

Carnage from the exploding thermos.

Carnage from the exploding thermos.

That would be me, Elder Blake, who I still live with, and Elder Barton from the CCM, during the zone conference this week.

That would be me, Elder Blake, who I still live with, and Elder Barton from the CCM, during the zone conference this week.

I got a package. I don´t know which one it was. It just said presents or something. I put it into my suitcase so I wouldn’t have to stare at it until the 25. Funny story, we’ll actually be opening up our presents a day later than Chile. They open up on the 24 in the night just before going to bed. I don´t know if I would like that as much.

I don’t know if you have my Facebook information, but there is a guy from here that sent me a friend request that wants to get accepted. His name in Jeremy. He´s an investigator, and he is trying to learn English, so you might be able to talk to him a little in very simple sentences.

Christmas generally equates to a lot of work for us as missionaries as well. There have been a lot of new forms we have needed to fill out lately, and we have the “He is the Gift” video which we need to share and send forms about that as well. I guess in a lot of ways, it´s a better way to celebrate Christmas than the normal way, and I´m fine with it. It´s more work, but it doesn’t feel burdening. Helps me keep my mind off of home.

This week was good and busy. The coolest thing that happened to us is an investigator actually asked to be baptized. His name is Eduardo. We met him on the 18th of September, during the celebration. He was drinking in the street, which is only legal on that day, and he had a lot of questions. We ended up teaching him all of lesson 1 from PmG. We kept visiting with him from there, until Thursday, when he sat down, ignored completely Elder See´s question if he had been reading, and said literally that he had been thinking about what we were talking about, and he wanted to become apart of our church. There are only 3 problems. The first is that he is living with a woman who he has not married and he has a 6 month old baby with her. The second is that he drinks. And the third is that he wants to get baptized after he baptizes his 6 month son in the Catholic church, some time in February. We’ll think about that last one eventually. For now, we need to get him married and leaving alcohol behind, neither of which he was too excited to do. But still, someone actually asked to be baptized. That never happens.

Now something funny. This would be on Friday. We have a 2 liter thermos for our mate in the house. Well, had. Elder See was cleaning it by shoving a sponge with a spatula to the bottom with the glass inside pulled out, and apparently there was a sudden pressure change and it literally exploded. I was upstairs at the time, but I heard the boom and the glass hitting the ground. So stinking funny. I took a picture. Elder See was fine. It exploded out the ends and just sprayed tiny pieces of glass about 1 mm thick all over the kitchen.

Now something a little less funny, at least for me. Our neighbours apparently think that the month of December is party month. On Friday night and Saturday night, they had parties until late. In fact, Friday lasted until at least 9 the next morning, because they were still playing their reggae-ton and their dance music and singing along at that time, and I woke up about 6 times that night, and it took Jedi-like focus to get myself asleep again. The one on Saturday night was one with an MC, and they were playing classic Chilean rock, like Los Extranjeros. That night we turned the fan up high, closed all the doors on that side of the house, and I slept with my head facing the other way, away from the window and next to the fan.

Something cool that happens every year is they have a three day musical thing at the temple, and missionaries from our mission could go if they brought a less active, convert or an investigator. We got to go on Saturday. It was really good. They had some special guests from the states, and basically they just sung to us instead of acting. They also had a bunch of Christmas nativities set up in the chapel by the CCM. I saw some Elders from the CCM, but I didn’t see any of the Hermanas who will be coming home with me and Elder Barton.


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