November 24, 2014 (Week 25)

I have a couple of good stories for you today. Firstly, about La Feria. Over all of Chile, sponsored by the government on every day except for Monday, there is a street market set up where people pay a little bit to set up a stand under a tent and sell whatever they want. You can buy fruit, vegetables, fish, clothes, tools, hygiene products, house-hold items, and basically whatever else someone stole and put under their stand. I´ll have to try to get a picture to send to you. We go every Thursday to buy bananas and strawberries for breakfast because it is so much cheaper then Lider. Last zone class, our zone leaders gave us a commitment to use La Feria to contact before the end of the month. The idea is that you set up a table, cover it with those photo packets of paintings, Book of Mormons, cards, pamphlets, and other things, and put a sign in front that says that everything is free. Then, you get two missionaries at the table, talking with people, and two others our in the street, handing out cards and sending them to the table. Last Saturday was our day to do it, and it was UNBELIEVABLY successful. Normally, two people at the table would be more than necessary, but in our case, at times there was too many people for two people to handle. We ended up getting 17 addresses, and planting who knows how many seeds.

The other cool story was with a family we have been visiting for quite a while, who we found through El Rescate. They are basically a family of less actives, and while they are very nice, they don´t really progress, so we were considering leaving them. However, one time we came and sat down, and one of their boys, the only active member in the family, a returned missionary, sat down and started to talk with us. His name is Jonathan. Basically, he told us to give up. He said his family was never going back to church, and that there was nothing any of us could do for them, so we should go use our time somewhere else.

We were ticked.

And we came back. Admitedly, this now was more out of spite than anything else. When we got to the house, the only two who where there was Fredy, who is one of the boys, his wife, Francisca, and their son, Saul. We got talking, and Elder See asked Fredy if he had ever considered going back to church. And Fredy told us yes. We continued our visit over the next 2 hours, talking and laughing with them, ate once, and finally taught them the plan of salvation. Francisca, we had always known, was very receptive, but I thought Fredy based on his appearance would have no interest. But he sat through the lesson, not just listening, but thinking. He ended up bearing his testimony to us that he knew that the church is true, and he loved going, and that it had changed his life. We ended up inviting them to church, and they said that in 3 weeks, they´d go because then they would have time. They actually invited us back before then. Needless to say, I had a little happy bubble in my throat as we walked home that night, and didn´t feel guilty at all for the long visit.

Elder Mathewson

PS -I don´t have anything pictures for today, but by next week I should. Next week we´ll be doing our visa run, and it is my bump day on the 29th.


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