October 13, 2014 (Week 19)

I don´t really have that much to write about this week. We had a service opportunity, and our p-day was interesting. For our service, we helped build a shed that was going to be a person’s room for an indefinite time. He is actually one of our lunch citas, and he can´t build the shed himself because he has his tendons cut in one of his hands, meaning that he doesn´t have use of any of his fingers in that hand except for his thumb and pointer. We planned to only be there for about 2 hours because we thought that we were only going to be putting up dry-wall, but we ended up doing all kinds of framing and didn´t leave until we´d been there for 6 1/2 hours. Luckily, part of that was a bonus lunch that we weren´t expecting, so we weren´t too upset. And, it´s really nice to break up the routine of missionary work, and wear regular clothes. I´m getting THE WORST tan.  Anyone that has ever served a mission would understand.

For our p-day today, we went to Santa Lusia, which is actually one of the few places we can go outside of our mission. It is basically a giant castle built into the side of a hill in the middle of the skyline of Santiago. You can go all the way to the top, and because it´s so old it has really cool architecture. I took a ton of photos, and even though it was 25 or 30 degrees Celsius today, we walked all the way up. We also stopped at a permanent feria on the other side of the street and I got some mate stuff, so I´m going to be starting that habit soon. I´ll send you pictures, but mate is basically a herb that you put into a cup with boiling water and a special straw that filters out the solid. It has a little caffeine, but it looks totally cool.

The trees kind of lose there leaves here. They were actually still there when I got to the CCM, but they just kind of turned black and fell off, and not all of them did it. They are all back now, but our sector really doesn´t have all that much green stuff, just grey dusty stuff.

I told Elder See that you had Thanksgiving, and he got all exasperated about Canadians having Thanksgiving at a different time. Kind of funny.

Finally, mini miracle. We have been visiting a less active named Eliana for some time now, trying to get her to go to church. She, like most people here in El Castillo, has all kinds of problems. We couldn´t get her to go until we taught her about Faith. We read her the first part of Ether 12, and told her that if she exercised her faith and attended church, she would feel the blessing and the support of the Lord in her life. Kind of a “all of your wildest dreams will come true” cheesy commitment, but it must have worked, because last Sunday she came hobbling in just after the sacrament was passed. I was super excited.

Elder Mathewson

Santa Lusia

Santa Lusia


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