September 29, 2014 (Week 17)

You might be interested in what happened to that Spiderman drawing. I gave it to the little kid, and he COLOURED ALL OVER IT. What happened was the previous missionaries used to give him colouring books to keep him quiet, and he would do them during the lesson. I guess I had it coming, but it still tore my heart out a little. Not the Croc. He was ugly. But I really liked how I drew Spiderman.

We ate horse. Today we went to the stake center for a BBQ and fútbol, and we had to bring meat. We bought horse because it´s cheap. According to our lunch citas, Horse is one of the healthiest meats out there. I don´t know if that was true, but I can tell you it´s weird. It tastes like beef, but somehow… off. I think I could tell the difference if I got the same cut of beef and steak and ate them at the same time. Also, on Thursday, we ate blood sausage. I actually liked it. The flavour wasn´t bad, and the texture wasn´t that weird. It is just the idea of eating an intestine stuffed with only blood and onions that grossed me out a little. Also, the way she served it didn´t help. She just kind of threw down this nasty, fat sausage in front of us and cut it open along the side. Remember in the Emperor´s New Groove, when they are in that restaurant, and they put that bug in front of Kusko, and tap it, and it pops open, all nasty and steamy? Well, I felt like Kusko.

We also had the weirdest day ever. We had 6 lessons, which is two more than I´ve ever had on my mission, and only one less than Elder See. It started with the blood sausage. Don´t need to say more about that. We then went to Luis, one of our investigators with a baptismal date. Had, I should say. Let me explain. A couple weeks ago, we bought him the biggest Book of Mormon we could find and a magnifying glass to help him read, and he could, if he had everything at the right distance. We were really excited, because if he reads the Book of Mormon, he can have a testimony and finally get baptized. Well, when we went a few days ago, he said his son said it would be a good idea to wait a few months to get baptized. Like, until December. The worst part is that his son is a member. He claims to be active, but when we asked the missionaries about him, they didn´t know him. Still don´t know what we are going to do about that.

Also, we ran into a guy. His name is Juan. Juan has 8 kids, and all but one is addicted to drugs. When we meet with him, he tells us over and over again how he wants his life to change and how he is praying for change. Well, we ran into him. There is a part of our sector I´ve secretly nicknamed Drug Corner. He was there, buying drugs for his kids! His reasoning was that his son had schizophrenia, and if he is out, he gets lost, and if Juan forced him to stay in and not get his drugs, he gets violent. We pointed out he is schizophrenic because he is taking drugs, but he bought the doobey anyways.

Finally, on a positive note, we visited the temple on Thursday because my comp turned 1. It was awesome, and I got a great photo of us together.


Elder Mathewson and Elder See

Elder Mathewson and Elder See


The thin meat is the horse meat.

The thin meat is the horse meat.

Elder Mathewson

Questions Elder Mathewson answered for his dad:

1. What invitations have you extended to investigators/members this week?  We do a lot of commitments along the lines of “attend” and “read and pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true”. We have a few that we asked them to apply a principle to their lives, like “apply (one of the three) power of the atonement of Jesus Christ to your life” or “Think of people that you could be more charitable towards”, which obviously means we first teach how you go about doing that. Or sometimes we just straight up tell them to repent, like we will do with Juan, but I don´t know how applicable that is to Calgarians.
2. Of those you have extended, which have been accepted and acted upon?  I don´t know how it is in other missions, but the problem with Chileans is they are a little lazy and they rarely act on our commitments. If they do, though, it´s a hugely faith building experience, because then we can talk about how they felt and teach them about how to know it was of God through the Holy Ghost.
3. Can you describe the difference in the lives of those who accepted and acted on your invitations? When they do it, they start doing things themselves. Our goal is for them to have faith in God, not the missionaries. They start doing things themselves, not because we tell them, but because they know it´s the right thing to do.


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