August 11, 2014 (Week 10)…continue with a few stories

I have some funny stories for you.

First of all, El Castillo has been pretty tranquil as of late, until last night. We saw in this order: a guy with a revolver with two bullets in it sitting on the side of the road spinning the thing, a giant van of special police called GOPE (they looked like the SWAT. I was hoping you could do a little bit of research on them for me.) with helmets, rifles, riot shields and everything going to someone´s house AND a helicopter with a search light flying overhead (definitely a drug bust), and a guy walking down the street with a sword in his backpack. And today while I walking to write emails, we saw a high speed chase.

Second, I thought I´d write down what I wrote about an interesting phenomena that takes place in El Castille from my journal:
One of the funniest phenomenons that happens in Chile is dogs and motorcycles. The dogs in Chile are generally relatively tranquil and quiet. (Unless they are behind a fence. Then they turn into swearing, cussing, raging little demons who want to rip your soul and eat it with their kibble.) However, as soon as a motorcycle starts up, the manner of every dog within the sound of its voice changes. For a dog in Chile, a motorcycle is like a portable fence (don´t ask me why. It just is.) A fence for these dogs represents a home; a place to guard and bark from. So, when they hear that loving rumble of a two-stroke, they chase the sound so they can be near it and have a home. Where it goes they go. Of course, the rider of said motorcycle doesn´t feel the same way, and when a pack of swearing, cussing, raging little demons is chasing him along a narrow street, a few are bound to be kicked.

At least, that is what I imagine goes through a dog´s head while it chases a motorcycle. It cracks me up every time, seeing a motorcycle motoring along with the driver cursing and kicking with all his might at 10 dogs swearing and cursing with all their might right back at him.


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