July 1, 2014 (Week 4)

Tallest building in South America

Tallest building in South America

Cool building

Cool building


I am now the oldest in the CCM. The group older than us just left for Sur (Santiago South, pronounced Sude or Sewer) and my companions and I will be running the place. There is only one district of Latinos and one district of gringos on the two week track coming in. Pretty cool for us. I´m pretty ready to get out into the field, mentally if not literally. The CCM gets a little old after a month.

My companions and I are also moving out of the pool house. We are in the actual building now. I´ll get you a photo next time. It´s way bigger than our old room, but the beds are metal framed so they are pretty loud.

My Spanish is getting so much better. I am struggling with a few concepts, including tenses, por vs para and passive voice, but for the most part I am actually able to see the difference. It´s funny how my German I learned has actually helped me learn Spanish. They aren´t really that different of languages, except for sounds. I think what is going to mess me up the most when I get home will be cognates, or words in Spanish that sound like words in English and have the same meaning. There are a lot of them, and I can see myself in two years forgetting a word in English and only being able to remember it´s cognate. To combat this, I´m doing everything in Spanish except for writing in my journal. I am still writing a ton in my journal, by the way. I think I have something like 50 pages. I want to have it so when I read it, I can remember vividly what it was like in the CCM.

Some funny things in Spanish. The word for sin is pacado. The word for fish is pascado. The spirit will not remain in a lesson if you say that the atonement can remove your fish, as I found out. There was an Elder Virga. Let´s just say Virga is a naughty word in Spanish. He went to the temple to practice introducing himself, and I´m not sure they were listening to him after he said his name. He calls himself Elder Verga now.

Elder Mathewson

I forgot to tell you. My release date is May 17, 2016. It´s in my visa, which I keep with my white bible.

I forgot to tell you something else. My companions and I are going to be the first three missionaries in Santiago Este in 4 months.



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