June 17, 2014 (Week 2)


Everything is going well in Chile. I´ve been praying for you guys, and I´ve been working super hard.

I got everyone´s email, but I´m not going to be able to respond to everyone. My p-days will be on Tuesdays until I get out onto the mission field, then they will be on Monday.

I had an interesting idea today, and I´d like to try it. I´ve been drawing pictures of people in the MTC for food and money, and last one I did I was pretty proud of. I wanted to upload it onto my Tumblr account, but I want to have it hashtagged #missionariesofsantiago. What my thought is, is that I will do a ton of drawings of missionaries in Santiago and send them home. Maybe I´ll try to get a little bit of a back story on them or something. Each of them I´ll put onto Tumblr as #missionariesofsantiago, and then I will try to expose it a little. The idea I am hoping for is that people will see the pictures and see missionaries and want to know more about why I am drawing them, creating exposure for missionary work and the church. I´ll try to send you a picture every once in a while, when ever I have the time. If I´m finding it´s cutting into what is actually important, then I can just stop.

I am still struggling to learn the language, but I´m not as worried about it as I used to be. I came with a group that only had two other gringos in it, who were then made my companions and my entire district. We will be moving up together, and for the next two weeks, two out of the three blocks during the day will have two teachers, so we will have very personal instruction. Besides that, I just am not worried about it anymore. I am studying as hard as I can, I´m trying to speak my language in conversation, and I´m praying about it, but I´m not worried. I know I will be fine. I can already see a bit of a difference.

The world cup is huge here. When Chile played and won a few days ago, all the maestros were camped out in the teachers lounge for two hours, and when they won we could hear cars honking their horns from inside the building. There is Fifa stuff everywhere. It´s like a religion here. Literally everyone is into it.

I am still using art and writing as my main outlets to fend off stress. I will send pictures of my book next time. I have so much written in my journal. I am hoping that in twenty years, it will bring back some pretty vivid memories of my mission. I expect it will cool off when I get out into the field a little, but who knows.

I am finding that my emotions are all over the place while I am here. During the day, I am fine. They keep me super busy, and I am generally motivated and enthusiastic. But at night, things get a little harder. I struggle without the people at home. I miss you guys. I miss having you around.

I´m working hard, and I´ll try to send pictures. Talk to you soon.


Elder Mathewson has asked this drawing to be added to his Tumblr account

Elder Mathewson has asked this drawing to be added to his Tumblr account


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